Long-time Houston Oilfield Services CFO retiring

Superior Energy Services (market cap $1.6 billion) has announced that CFO Robert Taylor is retiring, effective March 1, 2018. He is 63 and has been the CFO since 2004.

Superior is based in downtown Houston and is a provider of drilling products and services, onshore completion, workover and intervention services

Replacing Mr Taylor as CFO will be Westervelt Ballard who joined the company in 2007 and has served as Executive VP of International Services since 2012. The company stated there would be no change at this time in his compensation package. That’s not very helpful as the company has never disclosed Mr Ballard’s compensation as he hasn’t been one of the named executive officers in the annual proxy statement.

The company also promoted James Spexarth from Corporate Controller to Chief Accounting Officer. Mr Spexarth joined the company in 2013, having spent over 10 years at Halliburton in various finance roles.



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