Houston Midstream CFO departs suddenly

Enterprise Products Partners LP, one of the largest companies in Houston by market capitalization ($64 billion) has announced the departure of CFO, Bryan Bulawa, effective immediately.

The partnership and Mr Bulawa remain in discussions about the terms of his departure. Mr Bulawa was promoted to the CFO role in April 2015 and had a base salary of $315,000 and total compensation of $1.7 million in 2017.  Unusually, Mr Bulawa, like other executive officers at Enterprise, doesn’t have an employment contract that defines the payments on departure.

Current board member Randy Fowler has been re-appointed to the CFO role. He was CFO between November 2010 and March 2015.  After Mr Bulawa was appointed CFO, Mr Fowler stayed in an executive position, becoming firstly the Chief Administrative Officer including responsibilities for managing the overall financial strategy of the partnership and then a President of the partnership.

SEC filing

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