Waste Management to pay back $5.5m for hiring illegal immigrants

The US Southern District of Texas has announced Waste Management (market cap $39 billion), whose head office is in downtown Houston, has entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the government regarding its practice of hiring illegal aliens at a Houston location.

The company employed at least three managers at its Afton location in NW Houston who actively encouraged and induced aliens to work illegally between 2003 and April 2012.

The company used staffing agencies to provide contract laborers. At the Afton location, managers fired at least 10 employees in January 2012 because they lacked documentation. The illegal immigrants were then told to assume the identity of actual US citizens or individuals with legal status in order to work there.  In all the company employed over 100 immigrants with fraudulent documentation.

In 2016 three managers were convicted. Ceasar Arroyo (Senior Operations Manager) got 27 months, Rudy Martinez (Commercial Route Manager) got 70 months and Israel Martinez (Residential Operations Lead driver) received a sentence of 87 months.  Mary Flores, who handled hiring and firing at AMI Staffing, the agency involved, also pleaded guilty in August 2015.

Waste Management co-operated with the government’s investigation and agreed to pay $5.5 million, the estimated benefit the company derived from the scheme.


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