Houston doctor sent to prison for tax evasion

Dr Edward J Nuila Crouse has been sent to prison for 18 months for tax evasion. This follows a guilty plea in August 2018.

Dr Crouse is an obstretrician and gynecologist with 45 years of experience. He has a practice across the North Loop from Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital.

In the plea agreement, Dr Crouse admitted that the amount of tax losses was $678,000. This covered both unpaid individual income taxes and federal taxes and FICA withheld from the wages of employees but not paid over to the IRS. Prior to sentencing, Dr Crouse paid over that amount.

Between 2006 and 2012, he concealed the complete business records of his medical practice from his bookkeeping and tax preparation firm.

In June 2010, he filled out an IRS collection form stating that he had only three bank accounts. In fact he had a fourth set up in the name composed of his wife’s first name and the surname of another family member.

According to the original indictment, in 2011, while Dr Crouse was under an IRS audit, he transferred funds from the concealed fourth account to a new bank account.

He also acknowledged that he hadn’t filed a timely US income tax return for 20 years.


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4 thoughts on “Houston doctor sent to prison for tax evasion

  1. Brenda A Duarte

    Muy buen Dr fui Su paciente por más de 20 años ,espero que todo se solucione lo siento mucho ya que para mí fue el mejor Dr. espero regrese pronto y pueda seguir ejerciendo lo queremos mucho y nuestras Oraciones para el y su familia

  2. Diana Gonzalez

    I am so sad about this. Dr Crouse was my ob gyn since 2004 and was the most polite, respectful doctor. I still have not found a ob gyn like him since. I wonder how many doctors commit tax fraud.


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