Oilfield Services company delisted

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Superior Energy Services, based in downtown Houston, has been delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. This is because the share price has been below $1 for more than 30 days. The company plans to appeal the decision.

Superior provides a number of different oilfield services such as downhole rental tools, pressure pumping services and coiled tubing. It has been struggling for a few years and last made an operating profit in 2014.

At the time of delisting it had a market capitalization of $13 million but had debt of over $1.3 billion. $800 million of this matures in December 2021.

At lot of debt stems from the acquisition of Complete Production Services for $2.9 billion in February 2012. The company paid cash of $550 million and issued stock for the rest. However, three months prior to the finalization of the deal, it issued $800 million of senior loan notes (the ones that are due next year).

The Complete acquisition also involved $1.9 billion of goodwill. This has been written off in subsequent years.

The NYSE has acted unusually quickly in delisting the company. The NYSE originally informed the company about the non-compliance on August 9. The company issued a press release on August 12 stating that it planned to notify the NYSE by August 23 of its receipt of the notice and of its intention to cure the non-compliance.

The company didn’t issue a press release or file anything with the SEC on or after the August 23 deadline. Maybe they forgot to respond! Normally the NYSE are usually patient if a company files a plan to get back into compliance. That’s how many companies can go months with the stock price below $1.


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