HPE to relocate head office to Houston area

Photo: Patrinely Group and CDC Houston

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced it is moving its head office from San Jose to the Houston-area, though it is not clear how many jobs will relocate. HPE has revenues of $27 billion and a market capitalization of $14.4 billion. It provides servers and networking solutions aimed at large enterprises.

HPE was spun off from HP in 2015, with HP concentrating on consumer products. The largest concentration of HPE employees in the US was already in Houston. That was a result of its 2002 takeover of Compaq, founded in 1982 in Houston.

HPE’s current CEO Antonio Neri was based out of Houston for 11 years, prior to his relocation to California in 2015.

HPE will be moving into a newly-built campus in Springwoods Village, due to be completed in 2022. The HPE campus will consist of two five-story buildings totaling 440,000 sq. feet.  Construction started pre-pandemic so it’s not clear how much of space they will really need. Springwoods Village is also home to ExxonMobil’s 3 million sq. ft campus and HP’s 378,000 sq. ft campus.

Both HPE and HP previously occupied the former Compaq campus in NW Houston but decided to move after that campus was badly flooded in both 2016 and 2017 (Hurricane Harvey).

SEC filing – HPE relocation

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