Sunnova CFO to step down

Rob Lane, the CFO of Sunnova International, will be leaving the company. He will leave on the earlier of June 30, 2024 or the appointment of a new CFO. The company has engaged a retained search firm to find his successor.

Sunnova provides solar power systems and other related products such as chargers and energy storage through a network of dealers and partners. Typically, Sunnova funds the initial investment of a system and generates revenue from leasing or power contracts with the customer. The company has its head office in the Greenway Plaza area of Houston.

The company started in 2013 and its operating losses have increased along with its revenues in recent years. In 2023, the company had revenues of $720 million and an operating loss of $243 million. An operating cash flow outflow of $238 million was swamped by a further $2.5 billion in cash used for investing activities.

Maturing debt wall

The problem for the company is that it has gross debt of $7.8 billion, with $2.3 billion of that due to mature before the end of 2025. Rising interest rates have created a double whammy with debt servicing costs rising and revenues growing more slowly as customers become more reluctant to take out leases.

According to a report in Bloomberg on May 1, the company is receiving advice from Moelis & Co on its balance sheet options.


Mr. Lane joined Sunnova as CFO in May 2019 and guided the company through its Initial Public Offering a couple of months later. He joined from Spark Energy, another Houston-based public company.

CEO John Berger, who also joined the company just before the IPO agreed with Mr. Lane that now was a logical time for a CFO transition. Mr. Lane will receive a severance of six months salary and a target annual bonus.

SEC filing – 8-K Sunnova CFO resigns


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